About the Club 

The club is actively involved in many forms of photography and our meetings are held in a friendly and relaxed environment. We have informal lectures, practical demonstrations, photographic outings, evaluations of member’s work and competitions on a regular basis. Members submit digital images in the following categories: nature, photo journalism, creative, and open, as well as a different set theme for each month.

Club membership is open to all members of society who subject themselves to the constitution and club rules. Members range from beginners to advanced and master photographers who are always ready to help with advice or with sorting out a problem.

The club generally meets twice a month, apart from December. Meetings are alternated between a competition evening and a social evening.  The venue is made known to members and invited guests via the Club What’s App Communication Group.

The monthly competition

Members enter their photos electronically prior to the closing date, usually the Saturday before the competition. Three judges are appointed for each event. They are normally senior club members and at least one visiting judge. Photos are randomly projected on the screen and each judge awards a point out of 15 for the photo. The total score is then used to classify the photo in the competition. The name of the author is then displayed in cases where the photo has achieved a gold or better rating. Depending on time available, judges will give some comment on the photo to assist the author to improve their photos. During the evening various winning photos are selected as best in a category or best of the evening.

All photos to the club competition evenings are entered electronically, using the Photovault on-line system. Members can enter 3 photos in a category of his choice and one photo under the theme announced for the month. Members can therefore enter a maximum of four photos per month. The open categories are: Nature, Creative, Open and Photo Journalism. The photos must be in JPEG format, less than 2MB in size and maximum pixels of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. Details about the rules and format of the photos can be downloaded.

The club members come from a broad spectrum of the local Centurion community. We are a bilingual club, but meetings are predominantly conducted in Afrikaans.


The minimum requirements are very basic. You will need a digital camera and some access to a computer for editing photos and submitting photos for the competition. You might find that the technical limitations of your camera could hold you back as you progress in the club. The reality is therefore that you will eventually move from a “Point and shoot” camera to a “Bridge” camera or an entry level DSLR/Mirrorless camera. We would however not recommend that a beginner buys a new camera cold. Join the club and understand to what level you want to develop your hobby before you dip into your savings. You will need a proper editing program(s) for processing your photos. The choices here are enormous and can range from free to very expensive. The advice is the same for beginners, don’t spend any money now.

Our venue

The Competition and Social meetings are held at a venue in Centurion – location is supplied to members via the Club What’s App Communication Group.   See the Contact Us page for more information.

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