Salon Results

On The Rocks Camera Club 3rd National Digital Salon

Congratulations to the following club members for their noteworthy achievements in the salon:


  • Gert de Beer | Scapes Colour | River waves
  • Jane Booyse | Open Colour | Shades of Africa Droplets
  • Jane Booyse | Human Portraits Monochrome | Comicon Figure
  • Johan Croukamp | Nature Birds Only Colour | Little bee-eater on the wing
  • Johan Croukamp | Nature Birds Only Colour | Squacco hunting
  • Johan Croukamp | Scapes Colour | Liuwa Plains waterhole nr 2
  • Riaan de Bruyn | Sport Colour | Het jou
Salon Results: 3rd OTRCC (On the Rocks Camera Club) Salon
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